My 8 travel essentials

It is fair to say that packing for a long trip can be a bit of a chore. Trying to squeeze pumps, trainers, heels and boots into a suitcase can end up taking hours of your precious pre-flight time (because obviously…you have left it to the last minute). So I am going to suggest 8 space savers that were really useful items for me as I backpacked around the world.

1) A Kindle 

I cannot recommend this enough – my kindle was a lifesaver! I used it every time a flight was delayed, a bus was late or I was just plain bored. It saves having to carry a ton of heavy books with you and the Kindle Paperwhite, although quite pricey, is perfect for hostel reading as the backlight means you don’t have to turn on the lights to read.


It* also usefully allows you to finish “50 Shades of Grey” without being judged! 

2) Your own cutlery

An absolute “must” for travellers staying in hostels. I got a cute little plastic knife and fork set which was perfect for travelling – I could sense the jealousy radiating from my fellow travellers as they were faced with the dirty hostel cutlery.

3) USB charger

By this I mean one of the phone chargers which allows you to disconnect the lead from the plug (if that makes any sense…) Having a USB charger in your hand luggage turned out to be vital as many buses (Greyhound, Australia is one example) and even planes had USB ports, which allowed you to charge up your dying phone and continue to watch Friends.

4) Imodium

The less that can be said about this, the better! Let’s just say it was needed. A lot.


The picture that speaks a thousand words**

5) Hand sanitiser

See above.

6) Diary 

Taking a diary or a journal is a fab idea for a budding traveller. I can already picture the smiles on my wrinkled face as I settle down in my rocking chair clutching at said diary – reliving hostel life, drunken nights and a not-so-hilarious motorbike crash.

7) Waterproof bag

An invaluable addition to my backpack – I used this to carry all my wet clothes and bikinis, as well as the occasional bottle of exploded shampoo.

8) A travel backpack

And finally a travel backpack is the perfect bag to put all of the above essentials in! The key difference with these backpacks is that they open like a suitcase meaning you can easily pack and unpack your bag without having to dig around blindly in your bag. I used as Osprey Farpoint which was a great choice for travelling.


I hope you find these points useful for convenience and saving space; please use them to become the envy of travellers everywhere!

* Picture taken from google images

** Picture taken from google images

*** Picture taken from google images

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