AUSTRALIA – 10 days in Sydney

This January I spent one amazing month travelling up the east coast of Australia from Sydney to Cairns, visiting so many different places along the way. I saw a lot of incredible things but my favourite part of the whole adventure was the first 10 days which I spent living in my friend’s apartment in central Sydney.

  Sydney is one of the most incredible cities I have ever visited! There are those big Manhattan-style buildings and all the usual excitement of a large city, but there are also great beaches just a bus ride away from the centre. Bondi beach is an experience of itself and even though I didn’t make it onto Bondi Rescue (not for lack of trying!) I was still very happy, and slightly sunburnt, after my day trip there.

The compulsory visit to Circular Quay in Sydney to see the Opera House and Harbour Bridge was fantastic and I would recommend this to anyone. We bought picnic food from the local supermarket (cookies and crisps were obvious essentials) and set up our picnic rug in the botanical gardens overlooking the Opera House…

Walking over Harbour Bridge is another great opportunity for views over Sydney and when Klingande – Jubel shuffled onto my ipod, with the sun beating down over the most amazing view – I was in complete bliss. 

However perhaps the best thing I did during my 10 days in Sydney was take a trip to the Blue Mountains. Because we went on a Sunday the return trip cost us AU $5 on the train which was a bonus on a backpackers budget. Visiting the Blue Mountains can actually be a bit temperamental as it is very dependent on the weather – I know people who have made the 4 hour round trip to see huge expanses of cloud and little else. However the day my friends and I went, the sun was shining and the views were spectacular! 

Sydney was one of the best places I visited and it’s not hard to see why – the incredible beaches, harbours and mountain ranges so close to the city centre make this city delightfully unique. 

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